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I slept well after treatment Saturday and experienced a joyful Sunday. I've been productive since with long days but sleeping better, which, as you know makes a huge difference in well being.


The Back Pain Has Stopped

I just wanted to “take the time” and share just how wonderful your acupuncture services have worked miraculously for me! You are an angel sent by God to relieve me of the painful areas I have been experiencing in my lower back. I have been told I have spinal stenosis and a bulging disk in my lower back area. I have been through several sets of injections to my back through pain management methods and NOTHING WORKED! Until I started my acupuncture treatments with you, I can HONESTLY say I have found relief and the pain has stopped in my lower back area. God has given you the gift Kathy to heal us through the Chinese medicine methods. I am so grateful to God I found you and I will share my story with anyone. I am able to walk further now and can move around freely without the constant cramping I USED to experience. I will continue to utilize your acupuncture treatments because I know for a fact it is working for me. Thank you Kathy for your awesome gift of healing! You are amazing!

Juandy Swinson (Your client for life)
Director, Program Support Staff
United States Department of Agriculture (USDA)

My energy is great now!

“I slept VERY WELL; my energy is great, as is my concentration! The bumps are gone, life is great! Wishing I had started acupuncture a long time ago.”

Linda Jennings

I’m always telling someone about you

Hi Kathy … It’s been about a year since I started my treatments with you and I was thinking about how I am feeling now compared to the way I was feeling when I started. My whole body was hurting most of the time, my knees were a wreck and most importantly I was having extreme pain in my right elbow. I was talking to a co-worker about my elbow and that I was going to make an appointment to possibly have surgery. She suggested that I give acupuncture a try. My son told me about you so I made an appointment. It took a little while and I was a bit skeptical in the beginning, but then I started to notice subtle changes. Now I feel so much better! My body does not hurt the way it used to, my knees are much improved and the pain in my elbow is almost non-existent. This has been the best thing that I’ve done for myself in a long time. I’m always telling someone about you and how you have helped me. I also appreciate your kind, sweet spirit! You’re the best! Thank you, Kathy!

Annette Lewis

Wow, I highly recommend Kathy

“I had a GREAT night’s sleep last night! What a wonderful feeling to awaken refreshed. Thank you for yesterday’s treatment!”

Diana R - Greenbelt, MD

I was blessed

“After being injured during my tour in the Middle East and multiple visits with my doctors, I was blessed by being introduced to Kathy Gonzalez. She has changed my being, not just by the healing power of acupuncture, but by the positive outlook of life. I measure success not just on the material things that we week in life, but by the number of friends and strangers we help. Kathy did that for me!”.

F.B. (Pat) Lasola - Laurel, MD

Kathy Gonzalez, L.Ac., changed my life.

"Seeking treatment with her was honestly a last resort. At 30, I had been through major surgery, years of physical therapy, chiropractors and painful shots directly into my injured knee and nothing was alleviating the pain…finding Kathy was a gift” I am no longer dependent on someone else to drive me where I need to go. I have sent friends and even my grandmother to be treated by her. Thank you Kathy, I owe you more than you could ever know.”

Kara S. Tyler - Cheverly, MD

I feel really good

“I was very apprehensive, but had great expectations that acupuncture would work because of what it did for my great nephew. It’s working for me in pain management and other areas.

M.E. Frelow - Washington DC

Profound and Rewarding experience

“You are a gifted and dedicated healing professional and a credit to the acupuncture profession. Your treating me is always a profound and rewarding experience”.

Hank Becker - Berwyn Heights, MD

I cannot overstate the value

“You’ve been a very important member of the team that kept me pieced together during a medical crisis, thank you.”

Jill Wallace - Beltsville, MD

I’m grateful

“Your work on my elbow alleviated the pain and allowed me to lift things again, while the long term treatment actually removed the reason for the pain in the first place. Our ongoing work on my chronic back pain has been helping to relieve the pain I have.”

Diane VanHassel., Laurel MD

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